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Keith Norman’s biography of Alfred Dickey has been written to celebrate the Centennial of the Alfred Dickey Free Library in Jamestown.


All proceeds go to the Friends of the James River Valley Library System for the benefit of the library.


The intent of this publication is to not only tell the life story of Alfred Dickey, but also explore some of the early days of North Dakota. North Dakota grew as a territory and a state at the same time Dickey grew as a person and leader.


Two documents, Dickey’s Civil War memoir and the tribute written by Alfred E. Dickey at the death of his father, both serve as primary research documents. Both are included in the appendix of this book.

Alfred Dickey: The Last Good Work of His Life

  • During the day, Keith Norman is a mild-mannered newspaper reporter. He has taken up that vocation after years as a computer programmer and operator, medical clinic manager, and radio talk show host.


    This proves he still hasn’t decided what he wants to be when he grows up. Through it all, he has a deep love of the history of the region and the people who have made it great.

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