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The Book Mobile: Why A Bookmobile?

The New JRVLS Bookmobile

The bookmobile serves over 2,000 square miles of Stutsman County. It provides over 35% of the circulation for the James River Valley Library on the days it travels. Early readers, elementary students, high school students through seniors are given an opportunity to read and learn.  This opportunity would not exist without the bookmobile. Bags of requested materials are included with the typical shelves of books and magazines to choose from. These are books that seniors, parents, teachers and students have asked to be delivered. Couldn’t they just go pick up what they wanted at Alfred Dickey or the Stutsman County Library?  No. If the bookmobile did not exist, these early readers, 3rd graders, high school students, parents, teachers, seniors, would go without.

It is one thing to say that the bookmobile is important to the county as I sit at my desk in the Stutsman County Library. It is a totally different experience after I have had the opportunity to visit a few of the 23 locations that  the bookmobile serves. The importance of the bookmobile to the kids in Medina and Cleveland, Ypsilanti, Montpelier and Adrian can only be shown by the expressions on their faces as they find the book they were looking for.

It can only be understood after personally delivering bags of books to the James House after Bookmobile travel was cancelled because of weather. Thanks to Maybelle and Virgina from the James House for being patient as their bags of books were delivered.

“I am so happy that the bookmobile comes. I’m not driving anymore!”~Maybelle

"The Bookmobile is my lifeline.”~Virginia

Often, the love for books makes new friends. Maybelle told Alethea about the Bookmobile and Althea’s first words were, “Get me a schedule!” She went on to explain that “I get great joy out of reading. I am one with the characters.”

The importance of the Bookmobile can only be understood after seeing the smiles and hearing the thank you’s from students and parents. Those thank you’s and smiles deliver the truth about the importance of the bookmobile.Thanks to Bryce, Lane and Jason in Montpelier for their excitement. Thanks to Megan, Makenna, Alexis and Chloee in Medina for their love of books.

If you have any doubt about the importance of the bookmobile, make a visit to one of the many locations the bookmobile visits.

For more information, give us a call at 701-252-1531.

For a schedule of the days and locations visited, click on this link:   Bookmobile Schedule

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