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The Book Mobile: Lifetime Vision Source makes Donation

Library Development Director, Bill Kennedy, Lifetime Vision Source, Dr. Larry Motacek, Library Director, Joe Rector, Lifetime Vision Source, Dr. Tamara Mathison

Lifetime Vision Source recently donated $10,000 to the James River Valley Library System to sponsor the new bookmobile.

Dr. Larry Motacek said, “Lifetime Vision Source has always received tremendous support from the citizens of Jamestown and all of the surrounding communities.  The staff members and doctors have made it a priority to repay that support by contributing funds in excess of $10,000 annually to community projects.  This year is the 20th anniversary of my partnership with Dr. Mathison, so we decided to do an additional funding project this year.  The Bookmobile project fit the bill perfectly, as it serves all age groups and many local communities.”

Bill Kennedy thanked the Lifetime team and said that, “Many seniors in the community depend on the bookmobile as a source of reading materials and many rural schools depend on the bookmobile for research materials. This donation will assure that the new bookmobile will continue great service to the community.”

To make a donation to the library’s Bookmobile Campaign, go to click on Bookmobile Fund, contact Bill Kennedy at 701 252-2217, or

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