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Library Story: The Library, Just Walk In The Door

My first memory of books was being read to by both my mother and grandmother. What a wonderful way to be able to bond with a child, the stories took us wherever we wanted to go.

Later, as I was able to read on my own the best place to go was the library. It was two train cars put together to give the City of Forman, North Dakota their first library. What a wonderful place to spend a cold afternoon, looking at picture books and learning about the world.

My love of books is what made me become a teacher. If you can read you can do anything, and having a library close by is a great way to get books in the hands of children.  Teaching in a county school 30 miles from Jamestown was made easier with the help of the Bookmobile. The Bookmobile and its staff brought us anything in the reading area that we asked for and much more. County schools don’t always have the money for a large selection of books and the Bookmobile made it possible for our students to have whatever they needed.

People who haven’t been to the library or used the Bookmobile are missing a great opportunity. They have computers for our use, amazing programs for children and adults, and help from an amazing staff. You just have to walk in the door.

Charlotte Freeberg, Teacher

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