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Library Story: The Librarian and a Neighborhood Kid

John Grabinger of Jamestown, ND
John Grabinger is the state senator from District 12, Jamestown, ND

This is a story about the impact of the library on my own education from my high school days at Jamestown High School. I was tasked with the requirement to provide a term paper for Sociology class. I was not the best at studies, or reading for that matter, and certainly not one to frequent the library.

I reluctantly decided I needed some help with the project. I turned to the one person I knew could point me in the right direction. I made my way to Alfred Dickey Library and approached the same lady, Mrs. Glenney,  that had shoosed (quieted) me quite a few times.

She actually steered me in the right direction and kind of coerced me into getting all of the writing I needed to get the paper completed. I still don’t know why she was concerned enough to assist me, but how fortunate I was that she served as our librarian and went above and beyond what I expected to help a neighborhood kid get through his class with a passing grade. She was certainly a great lady. 

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