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Library Story: Library As A Safe Accepting Place

Jay Nitschke of Jamestown, ND.
Jay Nitschke is a retired secondary Spanish teacher, drama director, and a current library board member.

When I was a young child, there were many problems in my family. At times the situation was very difficult. As both of my parents believed in reading, they would always let me go to the library. So often I used the library as a safe accepting place. I always was welcomed by the workers, could sit and read and just enjoy the sights, smells of the library and relax. It was a home without turmoil.

Libraries support the parent’s essential role of literacy development in their children by hosting reading times for both the children and parents to attend.  In fact you could say they help create readers by providing young children with fun programs about stories before they can read. The library is a leader in keeping pace with the changing economy, social, and technological aspects of the community.  It deepens engagement with the community in many forms from technology to education to social services.

The library reaches out to all segments of the population. The library provides not just information but also experiences, hosting programs in collaboration with community partners. The library augments local economic development by providing access to educational and training opportunities such as resume writing and job hunting on the public computers.

The library provides social spaces that allow patrons to meet new people and form friendships they may not have had the opportunity to make elsewhere.

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