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Library Story: Libraries & Vision

Dr. Tamara Mathison of Jamestown, ND
Dr. Tamara Mathison is an optometrist at Lifetime Vision Source in Jamestown, ND —Lifetime Vision Source is the proud sponsor of the new bookmobile that arrived in Jamestown on Monday, January 30, 2017.

When I received the information brochure regarding fund raising for a new bookmobile, I immediately knew it would be a community project I wanted to support. I remember as a kid waiting for “Bookmobile day” to exchange my pile of library books. I was fortunate to learn firsthand the importance of the library to a community as I worked as a circulation clerk through my high school years at my local public library. 

I see the library as a hub of the community; as the place for all community members to have access to books, art, music, technology and gathering place. The bookmobile is an outreach of these services to students and community members that otherwise could have a difficult time accessing.

A part of the “why” I became on optometrist was to work with students that have learning difficulties due to vision deficiencies. One of the questions I always ask students when I see them for a vision exam is if they enjoy reading? If not, my goal is to determine whether their visual system has anything to do with that and what I can do to help them to make reading easier and more enjoyable. 

It’s one of my greatest feelings of accomplishment when a student returns and reports they now enjoy reading! Similarly, maintaining the ability to read is a very important goal for many of my elderly patients. I’m thrilled to be able to be a part of a project that ensures access of books and services these populations.

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