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Library Story: Libraries and Elementary Schools

Deb Hornung of Jamestown, ND
Deb Hornung 3nd Grade Teacher, St. Johns Academy, Jamestown, ND

Story by Deb Hornung

The James River Valley Library plays a very important role in the elementary classroom. I have taught elementary children for over 30 years, and have depended on and worked closely with the library throughout each school year, at all levels of teaching. I have used the library for thematic teaching units, to find as many resources as possible in order to peak student’s interest on a topic, and I also have borrowed books on a monthly basis to use for oral reading when studying heroes of character, such as Dr. Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa.


I love the system of calling the librarian and upon communicating the need, she gathers the books of interest for me. When I arrive, my books are ready, and it is always such an efficient system of enhancing my lessons. Many teachers in our district use the library in much the same way, and we all encourage our students to get involved in the library programs throughout the school year and in the summer. We have a direct connection with the librarians, and they are always more than happy to accommodate our needs.

I am thrilled also, that the library offers free books to educators when they have discards. I have used this benefit throughout my years of teaching and will then donate books to children after using them in my classroom. I can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of a great relationship between our elementary schools and our community library system. We are blessed to have a great resource at our fingertips and we utilize the library on a continual basis.

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