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Library Story: Job Search

Story by Tom Ravely

In the summer of 1989 I moved from Minneapolis to LaMoure, ND motivated by my interest in family history. I had found an empty house in Jud that had been built by an uncle. I bought it thinking to renovate and learn more about my heritage. As I had resigned from my job at “Hometime” (a PBS television show) in the Twin Cities, I needed to know what jobs were available.

I drove the 116 mile round trip daily between LaMoure and Jamestown to the Alfred Dickey Library and started reading the local newspaper. As the summer moved on, Alfred Dickey became my job search “home base.” With the help of the library I eventually found employment for myself in Jamestown at CSi in the production area.

Days have turned to years and I still find myself stopping at the Alfred Dickey library for books and information. If the library does not have it, I request the book from the North Dakota State Library system.  I now have my own NDSL card.

When I read that the library was going to be “Reborn” I remembered the days when Alfred Dickey Library helped me in every way to start my life in the area. I look forward to the day when the rennovated and expanded Alfred Dickey FREE Public Library is available for all of Stutsman County.

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