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Adult Programs: 2015 Recap - The Role of Every Library

A cartoon about the role of a Library
Cartoon by Chris OBrion. Thanks Chris!

Add “Adults Learning Important Stuff by attending Classes offered by The Friends of the Library,” to the reasons libraries are needed.

In 2015, Adult Programs brought 190 people into contact with the library and what it has to offer. According to their written and verbal comments, it was a learning and entertaining experience and they would come back for more. Plans for 2016 include repeat classes, especially those concerning end of life and author readings. We will continue to explore other categories. The other important result of these classes is illustrating the unique role that the library plays in today’s society. Many people attending these classes haven’t been in the library for years or had never been in a library. Every new person coming into the library and leaving with new knowledge is a new Yes Vote.

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